Ultra Street Fighter II – How to Unlock Shin Akuma – Nintendo Switch

Think you’ve mastered Arcade Mode? Follow these steps to encounter Ultra Street Fighter II’s most devastating opponent – Shin Akuma! If you think you’re ready to wield this kind of power, Shin Akuma can be unlocked by following the instructions laid out in the trailer. Good luck!

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is Available Now.


Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Webpage



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Gear.Club Unlimited – Switch Teaser & Trailer


Show your competitive spirit, on your own or with your friends, in different leagues and in frenzied races, and become a true driver by achieving the best times in the different available racing categories. Continue reading “Gear.Club Unlimited – Switch Teaser & Trailer”

Monster Hunter Stories – Official Trailer


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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Combat Gameplay Trailer

Team up with Mario and his friends to take on this turn-based combat adventure. Armed with an arsenal of unique weapons and special abilities, can you restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom?

Available August 29 on the Nintendo Switch!


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Website



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Splatoon 2 Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Hey! PIKMIN Lift-Off Trailer – Nintendo 3DS


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ARMS – Introducing Max Brass – Nintendo Switch


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